PAI Medical Group

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PAI Medical Group
6 Antares Drive Phase 2, Unit 12
Ottawa, ON K2E 8A9
613-225-1871, Toll Free: 1-800-661-4442 (Option 4)

PAI Medical Group

PAI Hair Transplant and Restoration clinics are located throughout North America and offer a full range of hair restoration services including Hair Transplantation with our exclusive Multi-Unit Hair Grafting, Hair Loss Prevention Treatments or Low Level Laser Treatments for hair loss. PAI specializes in natural solutions for all types of hair loss problems.

The foundation of our success is the people of PAI Medical Group who have maintained their commitment to excellence over the years. They provide our patients with the best care and attention to detail that have served the thousands of our patients since 1975. Their pride and their commitment shows in the successful results of all our patients. PAI Medical Group has fostered this care and has earned the trust of every patient. Our staff from skilled physicians, medical and technical support with extensive experience and our fully trained consultants have all committed to one key element, that is, to provide you with the premier service of hair transplants anywhere on the globe.

Why Choose PAI for Your Hair Transplant
PAI Medical Group will provide you with the premium patient care you can only expect from experienced professionals who have addressed thousands of cases, have managed to surpass all expectations, and have demonstrated that artistry and science can be combined to benefit you as a hair transplant patient or hair loss client.

We earn the trust of every patient, one patient at a time, with skill, with knowledge and with results. Our guaranteed results will enable you to meet your expectations with a thorough consultation and expert assessment at any of our numerous clinics in North America.

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