Home Equity Investment Rewards (HEIR)

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Home Equity Investment Rewards (HEIR)
17A Bentley Ave Suite 201
Ottawa, ON K2E6T7
(613) 594-4881
(613) 594-3364
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Home Equity Investment Rewards (HEIR)

Home Equity Investment Rewards (HEIR) is a Canadian wealth building company that systematically and successfully coaches families and individuals on how to become debt and mortgage free while at the same time teaching them how to build wealth.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Learn to give generously and receive graciously
  • Provide maximum safety with highest returns
  • Preserve the wealth you already have
  • Build permanent wealth through long-term planning
  • Live debt free by lowering your mortgage and debt carrying costs
  • Activate your home equity in order to build wealth
  • Utilize the 7 HEIR Secrets: Knowledge, Ideas, Systems, Successes, Time, Money, and Networks

Our Purpose
We help people take control of their finances using the same techniques the wealthy have used for generations. Many of us leave the family home with very limited financial knowledge and know-how. We learn manage our finances in the best way we can, either following the example of our parents or by learning the hard way through trial and error. Often we start out thinking that we will be able to accumulate the cash we need to do the things we want to do now and to help us prepare for retirement later in life. We find to our dismay that our methods never seem to lead us down the wealth building path many of us dreamt about. Our assets are not working very hard for us and the accumulation of wealth is much slower than we expected. We realize that we need help; but who can we trust, and who can we turn to?

Principles & Values
Our relationships with clients, staff, coaches, community members, and product suppliers are all important to us and we nurture these relationships each and every day.

We believe in helping our family and neighbours by supporting various charitable organizations within the community. We believe that giving back to the community is an important way of saying, we care and we understand the needs of others and are there to lend a helping hand.

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