Academie de la Capitale

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Academie de la Capitale
1010 Morrison Drive Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K2H 8K7
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Academie de la Capitale

Academie de la Capitale (AcadeCap) students, from preschool to intermediate secondary, participate regularly in authentic beyond the classroom learning experiences. These real life learning activities lead to greater student participation, involvement and commitment to learning, which in turn leads to grater academic success. Our open minded educators are experts at tailoring such beyond the classroom learning experiences.

Established in 1998 Academie de la Capitale is an independent, bilingual, International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. It offers an international education of superior academic standards to students aged 3 to 12 (through the Primary Years Programme (PYP). A 12-month programme is available for students aged 3 to 5 years. Middle school expansion, starting with Grade 7, began September 2009.

Authorized by the IB in 2004, Academic de la Capitale meets the standards and practices, required by the IB in providing the PYP. As with all IB schools around the world, Academie de la Capital's philosophy, curriculum (programme of inquiry) and educational practices are consistent with the published standards of the IB. This is monitored through continual self-evaluation and school visits by IB representatives.

All grade point of entry for the bilingual IB PYP

With the guidance of teachers specialized in language development, our students quickly become proficient in French and/or English. Academie de la Capitale offers an entry point at all grade levels from Pre-K to Grade 7. The core curriculum is taught in French, which encompasses 75% of the instructional time. There are three to five 45-minute periods of English weekly and many specialists' courses are taught in English. With a daily scheduled homework period at the end of the day, students are provided with support for homework, if needed.

The IB PYP Curriculum-engaging, challenging, relevant
The curriculum of Academie de la Capitale reflects the school's motto, Inquiring Minds at Work and was developed with many resources including the IB PYP Scope and Sequence documents for each subject, the Defi mathematiques Curriculum and the Ontario Ministry of Education Elementary Curriculum.

The overall learning expectations of traditional subjects are retained within the IBPYP transdis ciplinary units of inquiry. Furthermore, courses such as Math Enrichment Information Technology, Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education, taught by specialist teachers are integrated within the units.

Within the framework of the PYP our students learn to use their minds well, in school and beyond. When inquiring, they delve deep into a topic. They participate actively in problem solving, asking probing questions, seeking explanations and formulating hypotheses.They learn to make connections as well as reflect on their learning. Independent, collaborative and cooperative research activities, a notable feature of the PYP classroom, encourage students, from an early age, to become resourceful and confident learners.

Reaching for the IB Learner Profile, our students become inquirers, communicators, thinkers and risk-takers who are knowledgeable, balanced, principled, caring, open-minded and reflective. They develop international-mind-edness by means of the aspirational qualities of the IB Learner Profile. The action component of the IB PYP, taught at Academie de la Capitale, encourages children of all ages to reach out into their community and to reflect on global issues. Our internationally-minded students love to inquiry, learn and make a difference.

Specialist courses and third language learning opportunities as part of the curriculum
Our students become even more internationally-minded as they have the opportunity to learn many languages. Two 45-minute periods a week allow the students to develop expressive and receptive skills in Spanish, Mandarin or German.

Our music programme includes learning the violin in a group setting. As members of violin ensembles, our students have many opportunities to perform in public.

Our P.E. programme encompasses the study of physical activity and appropriate lifestyle choices. Compulsory physical activities such as Jiu-jitsu (taught by a Renchi Master), yoga, individual and teams sports, as well as outdoor education are integral components of the P.E. curriculum.

The mandatory Math Enrichment class complements our already advanced math programme by enabling students to acquire in-depth math concepts in authentic problem solving situations. It fosters the development of creative, logical and critical thinking skills in our students.

What is Academie de la Capital’s Motto?
Inquisitive Minds Transcend Boundaries!

What is Our Approach?
Our approach to learning transcends boundaries generally imposed by grade, age, disciplines, ability, potential, culture, and even time space.

How does Academie de la Capitale (AcadeCap) embrace its motto and put its approach into practice?

The open-concept locale is highly conducive to interaction and learning across the ages, ability and potential.

From a young age, our students develop a practical workplace collaborative skill set working in small groups of multi-aged classmates with individual strengths. In grouping of four to six. students are more apt to risk sharing ideas and putting forth innovative solutions to a problem. Students, even teachers, are more comfortable bouncing ideas off each other in a small group.

Additionally, AcadeCap students are used to collaborating with the adults in their learning environment. They interact continuously with their homeroom teacher, the various teacher-specialists, invited guest-speakers and their parents. At AcadeCap, parents contribute prized expertise and experience in many domains and are a valued human resource within the learning process.

Secondly, AcadeCap students arc well-fed intellectually, working with two sets of learning expectations; those of the international Baccalaureate Primary Years programme and those of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years programme and those of the Ontario Ministry of Education. AcadeCap utilizes scopes and sequences organized around phases rather than age-banded linear stages, Neuroscientifically-based learning continuum's take into consideration the and the pace of each learners brain engaged in learning, Therefore. AcadeCap considers learning to be a developmental process.

Consequently, learning at AcadeCap is not the repetition of unconnected bits of information, but focuses rather on developing the ability to analyse, synthesise, be creative and think divergently to solve problems, now and in the future.

Learning is not necessarily always fun and games at Academie de la Capitale, but learning is always engaging and relevant…to the point where our students engaging and relevant…to the point where our students want to know more and keep on learning (and don’t want to go home at the end of the school day).

Ease of access
Academie de la Capitale is conveniently located in Ottawa West, easily accessible from Highways 417 and 416.

Hours of operation
Instructional hours run from 9:00 am to 4:15 p.m. to assist with busy family schedules and to include the various specialist classes. Before and after school supervision is available.

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